Letgo is an ongoing photography project/social experiment that I have been doing since 2015 until now. In my old apartment, people would leave unwanted objects by the elevator door, I would take these things home and take a studio photo of it, then put it back to where it was, then it will soon to be passed on to its next owner. After I moved, I started using the App "Letgo" as my sources. I would collect free things from different people from the App, take a photo of it, then post it again with the new photo for other people to take it away from me (some of them I have kept). During this process, I'm documenting each meeting, either its a quick drop by, or an invite to the inside of people's places for an extensive conversation. I believe that objects, with the memories and histories attached to them, are very powerful beings. Instead of dump it in the trash, people actually takes the time to post, and give it to a stranger for free, it says something truly valuable about these "unwanted objects". In this process of inheriting, me being one of the owner, is also the passenger and recorder.